Our Staff

Annette and Catherine

Annette and Catherine: 

Reception area Administrative Assistant's

Cheryl and Jessica

Cheryl and Jessica:

Cheryl Firmin, AAS, CCRC Director of Clinical Trials and Jessica Clavier, R.T.(R) (ARRT), CRC have 25+ years combined research experience.

Frank Giaratano

Frank Giaratano:

Frank Giaratano, CNMT, ARRT (N), RT (N) has 20+ years of experience, specializing in Nuclear Cardiology stress testing and cardiac imaging procedures.

Gina Mixon

Gina Mixon:

Gina Mixon, N.P. with over 18 years cardiac experience.

Jamie Terranova and Kyndal McKinney

Jamie Terranova and Kyndal McKinney:

Kyndal McKinney, Holter Monitor Technician and Pacemaker Clinician. Jamie Terranova, Registered Vascular Technician, Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer with certified basic life support and advanced cardiac life support with a combined 10+ years experience.

Kathy Cutrer

Kathy Cutrer: 

Kathy Cutrer, Bookkeeper, Assistant Office Manager with 25+ years experience.

Kim Curry, Arva McLaurin & Kara Ruffin

Kim Curry, Arva McLaurin & Kara Ruffin:

LPN's with 30+ years combined experience.

Leigha Watson, Sierra Overland and Rosetta Moore

Leigha Watson, Sierra Overland and Rosetta Moore: 

Medical Assistant's with 10+ years experience.

Maria Thibodeaux and Cynthia Rimmer

Maria Thibodeaux and Cynthia Rimmer:

Cynthia Rimmer specializes in billing, insurance denials and data entry with 30+ years experience. Maria Thibodeaux has 30+ years experience and is registerd in Respiratory Invasive Cardiology and Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography, which is essential in coding and obtaining authorizations for tests and procedures.

Melissa Bennett

Melissa Bennett:

Melissa Bennett, RCS has 30+ years Cardiology experience and is The Heart Clinic's CEO.